Guide for buying glasses online

Even if we are getting used to shopping clothes and shoes online, a lot of people are still not convinced that buying glasses online is a good choice for them. But since we can try glasses from home with a virtual mirror, this option is really convenient and a lot cheaper than buying glasses from your optician store. So what should you take into consideration when deciding which frame to choose?

The right frame size

Frame width is usually the most important factor when finding a pair of glasses that fit you well. The frame size should be in proportion to your face. If you have a narrow face, don't choose large glasses. If you already wear glasses you can measure their width for a reference. When that is not the case, you can measure the width of your face between your temples. The width of the frames should not be wider than the overall width of your face at the temples.

Frame shape that suits you

If you have an oval face almost all frame shapes will suit you, so you can be adventurous as you like. We recommend going for styles that are softly rounded

Those with heart-shaped faces can opt for frames that are a little wider than their forehead or have an exaggerated brow line like a cat-eye shape.

Round faces tend to be fairly short, with full cheeks, rounded chin and softer jawline. It's best to choose styles that will complement your softer features, so go for rounder frames rather than angular.

If your face width and length are proportionate, then you have a square face. You should try create a little more length in the face and to offset your strong features, so opt for narrower styles that are still angular in shape to complement your face.

Consider colours that match your skin tone

Warm skin tones usually have a yellow, bronze or golden cast to their skin. If this is the case, you should stay away from contrasting colours such as pastels. White and black frames are not flattering either. Instead, the best frame colours for you are light tortoise, browns shades, gold or honey, beige, and olive green.

If your skin has pink or blue undertones, you have a cool complexion. Avoid colours that wash you out and instead reach for frames that are silver, black, dark tortoise, pink, purple, blue, mauve and gray.

Use virtual mirror

When choosing the frames you can get the best idea of how they fit you, if you simply try them on with our virtual mirror. You can make screenshots of different frames and compare the photos or show them to your friends.

When looking for glasses that are a perfect-match the most important thing is to choose the right frame size, shape and colour, but it all depends on your face features. So take time when choosing the frames and most of all, choose the ones that make you feel good when wearing them.


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