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Variety of prescription and lens types you can order at

We customise and assemble lenses in our optical laboratory in EU. Choose your frame with prescription lenses. It takes 2-3 working days to personalise lenses if suitable lenses are on stock and it takes 4-7 days if lenses are not on stock.

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Lenses for distance vision

  • Lenses that correct near-sightedness (myopia).
  • We provide powers from -0.25 to -12.00.
  • Lenses are made from quality materials.
  • Personalised in our optical laboratory in EU.
Shop now Price: +19.90 € per pair

Lenses with cylinder

  • Lenses that correct astigmatism.
  • We provide Cylinder (CYL) from -0.25 to -4.00 (near-sighted astigmatism) and +0.25 to +4.00 (farsighted astigmatism).
  • Choose between standard, thin, super thin and ultra thin lenses.
Shop now Price: +19.90 € per pair

Lenses for reading glasses

  • Lenses that correct farsightedness (hypermetropi­a/hyperopia).
  • We provide powers (Sphere or SPH) from +0.25 to +6.00.
  • Every lens has basic coating, but you can choose also Ultra high quality coating.
Shop now Price: +19.90 € per pair

Lenses for multiple distances

  • One pair of glasses that corrects vision across multiple distances.
  • Progressive / multifocal glasses, Degressive and Bifocal.
  • Lenses are made from quality materials.
Shop now Progressive: +35.00 € per pair
Degressive: +49.90 € per pair
Bifocal: +29.90 €

NELIAX+ Lenses with blue-light protector

  • Protection against blue light from computers and other screens.
  • You can choose blue-blocker lenses with or without power.
  • Blue-light blocking filter reduces eye strain and headaches, helps for better sleep.
Shop now Price: +30.00 € per pair

SEETRIX Driving eyeglasses lenses

  • Help to lower the intensity of light caused by oncoming traffic.
  • Reduce blinding glare and minimise annoying reflections.
  • Their lenses are slightly yellow.
Shop now Price: +40.00 € per pair

You can turn any frame into custom prescription sunglasses

Sunglasses lenses with power

Dioptric sunglasses with brown or grey tint.

Available polarisation colours: blue, green, rose gold, grey, orange.

Shop now Price: +30.00 € per pair

Transition lenses

Transition or photochromic lenses darken in the sunlight and lighten in softer light or the dark.

You can choose transitional colour between brown and grey.

Shop now Price: +79.00 € per pair

Glasses lenses types

Basic, Standard, Comfort, Optimum+.

Shop now Price (from Basic): +19.90 € per pair

Without ULTRA treatment

Anti-reflective coating, extra hardening, UV filter.

Shop now Price: +0.00 € per pair

Ultra coating (6 in 1)

Ultra anti-reflective coating and hardening, UV filter, self-cleaning and hydrophobic coatings that prevent fog and stains and anti-dust layer. Between brown and grey.

Shop now Price: +29.90 € per pair

Order NEW lenses for your OLD glasses

Send us your old glasses and we will replace your old lenses. Make sure you have recent prescription that is not older than 12 months. When we receive your old glasses, we need 3-7 working days to replace lenses. Then we will send the complete glasses back to you.

Shop now Price: 14.90 € per replacement + selected lenses

Choose your favourite frame, add prescription lenses and enjoy your glasses

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