Affordable quality glasses for everyone

Founders of Crullé brand wanted to provide affordable quality glasses to everyone. They strongly believed that customers should not settle for buying same quality products by much higher prices. So they searched for ways to overcome some financial limitations that typical retailers have by avoiding costs of middlemen and retailers. Crullé today provides affordable prices for products that would cost much more money in typical retail establishments. We offer services to on-line customers that were traditionally accessible only to customers in retail stores. Crullé brand has its origins in central Europe, but we operate across borders. Currently we are shipping only within EU, but we plan to widen our operations in the future. Our goal is to promote and celebrate diversity, equality and inclusion in everything we do.

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Optical laboratory

Crullé has its own optical laboratory, where we customize prescription lenses for your vision needs . Therefore, we can provide fast service and quality eyewear for your clear vision. You can buy your prescription glasses or sunglasses from the comfort of your home . We use inovative technology and high quality equipment to personalize lenses for your particular vision needs. We use high quality lenses and materials.

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Virtual try-on tool

Crullé is an on-line focused company which promotes quality virtual try-ons and other innovative ways of buying prescription glasses and sunglasses on-line. This is how people buy glasses today! You can try on most of our glasses and sunglasses – by using our virtual mirror! The only thing you need is a camera on your digital device or a close-shot photo of your face. Easy right?

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A variety of models

We offer more than 200 models of eyeglasses frames and around 100 models of sunglasses. Explore different shapes and colours by using the filter on our page! Order personalized lenses for your prescription glasses or for your sunglasses with power. We got you covered!

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Find your perfect pair of affordable glasses