Ease up your life –
with Crulle Smart glasses

We’ve combined our eyewear knowledge with latest technology and created Smart glasses. Your new favourite technological accessory! Available as sunglasses or prescription glasses. Discover our collection and find your perfect fit!

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Receive phone calls and listen to music

Using Bluetooth connection, you can answer your calls with your glasses. Thanks to its directional stereo earphones, you hear the sound clearly, without disturbing those around you and maintaining your privacy. The precise high-quality microphone enables that your voice comes through clearly with no interference from outside noise.

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Maximum privacy

The advanced acoustic system enables the sounds to stay within your desired area, so you can keep your conversations to yourself. Thanks to the latest generation Bluetooth 5.0 for connecting the glasses to digital devices, the connection is extremely stable with a signal range of 9 metres.

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Hands free calling

You are able to answer your calls by one touch on the frame. The button is invisible and waterproof. No need to search for your phone when doing sports or working in the office – only one ouch on the frame is enough!

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Fast charging and long battery life

A high-capacity lithium-ion battery enables recharging in 2 hours. Long battery life allows you to make 6 consecutive hours of phone calls and 4 hours of continuous listening to music with one charging.

The package includes:

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